Playoff Roundup with Mia Khalifa | 100th Episode

Celebrating our 100th episode of the Dr. Hockey Podcast with none other than ultimate Caps fan Mia Khalifa!! With 20 days til playoffs and only three teams clinched, Mia, Jay & Jason discuss the current playoff picture; who’s surging, who’s slumping, wild card hopefuls, dark horses, real deal cup contenders, and potential upsets. PLUS, Gritty, Leaving Neverland, Prince, R. Kelly, March Madness wagers, and Mia’s guity pleasure team(shhh)… Doctor terms include: mitosis, mitochondria, interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase. Special guests: Robert Sandberg & Dr. Anthony Corrado. Shout out W/R
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